About Us

Melanie McAmis loves taking broken things and making them whole again.

She gets a kick out of translating piles of papers and ledgers full of numbers into insightful reports.

For over 15 years, Melanie has been keeping track of successful real estate investors’ pennies, every last one, while making sure their offices run smoothly, their returns are up, and their risks are mitigated.

After a robust undergrad education in Classical Languages and Literatures (reading Plato in Ancient Greek is a meaningful exercise, I promise!) from San Francisco State University, Melanie pursued the Post-Bac Certificate in Accounting from Portland State University.

Entrepreneurship runs deep in her family tree. In 2017, she founded Brighter Light to support small businesses on the journey to greatness. She is particularly interested in serving businesses that support the well-being of families, including the good old-fashioned family business.