Who You Are

You are your business. You work hard on all of the things it takes to run it.

But your time is limited. You need skilled help on the tasks that take you away from what you do best in your business, the things only you can do. You are looking for somebody who will crunch your numbers, tell you what they mean, and keep your information secure and in compliance.

You need somebody who will work with your strengths and transform the areas of weakness in your business with simple, elegant systems & solutions.

And let’s face it, you want your interactions, even with your bookkeeper, to be meaningful and authentic.

You need somebody who understands what you and your business need before you even say it.

You need a little Brighter Light.

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What We Do

Brighter Light has the skills to serve the needs of your business through all of its phases and transitions. We love to develop long-term relationships to provide on-going accounting support, but are also available for one-time projects, systems set-up, or training.

Service packages are designed for your needs and can include any or all of the following.


If needed, we will create or convert your financial system, starting with an intelligent Chart of Accounts that has your unique reporting needs in mind. We’ll take advantage of all of the modern tools that make your system easy and efficient. Then we will teach you how to use it. New businesses click here for more ways we can support you.


The basic need of all businesses: reconciling asset & liability accounts on a monthly basis, including Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Inventory, Loans, and Mortgages, whether you do the basic bookkeeping or have us do it for you.


We offer payroll support for full-service bookkeeping clients. We set you up with a full-service software solution and teach you how to use it.


We will provide accurate, timely, customized Income Statements, Balance Sheets and other reports you need.

This is where we differ from the data-entry bookkeepers out there: We’ll teach you how to read and better understand these financial statements and provide consultation on what opportunities for improvement we see. You get a CFO or Management Accountant without having to keep one on the payroll.


We are available to present your financials for you, whether that means in front your Board of Directors, to a potential investor or in a package to your lender for a small business loan or mortgage.


As the keeper of your books, we will review your financial information for presentation to your CPA or EA and answer any and all of their questions for easy and timely filing of Federal, State and Local Tax returns.

We also prepare Forms 1099 & 1096 for any independent contractors or service providers you have paid throughout the year. All included in your monthly fixed price for full service bookkeeping!


 If we can’t do it, we know somebody who can. Growing businesses need good advice from professionals, but they don’t need to waste money. Find the right people with recommendations from somebody you trust.


What You Can Expect from Brighter Light:


We will make sure your books contain meaningful, accurate, fully reconciled information that helps keep you out of trouble and in control of your business growth.


We will treat you with kindness and care.  We will promptly return calls and emails, usually within one business day.   We will use our own time to research & develop new skills to better serve your needs.


We will add value to your business beyond our cost to you. You will come to see us as a trusted part of your business experience. In fact, we believe this so strongly, we guarantee it. If at any time you question our value,  give us the chance to find a solution by letting us know.


We will not share any identifying details about you, your business,  or your financial information without your explicit, written consent.


We plan to have a long, healthy relationship with you. We’ll think, speak, and act that way.


You better believe that we are working on scaling our own business up to the next level & we will inspire and inform you to do the same with yours. We will work for your success beyond what you can even imagine right now.


It is natural to be frustrated by technology, uncertain about our recommendations, overwhelmed by information, or unconvinced by our financial analyses or strategies. We will do our best to clearly and patiently explain and educate so that you can make your own informed decisions.


To our disappointment and our joy, we keep waking up human. If a mistake of ours costs you money or time or energy, bring it to our attention. We like making things right.


What Brighter Light Expects from Client:


This means full-view access to all of your business’s financial accounts and updating us immediately on any changes. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to provide accurate information to Brighter Light. We will not take responsibility for changes needed due to incorrect or illegible information from you.


This is it, folks. If we aren’t inspiring you to level up, we aren’t doing our job well. If you are resistant to learning new habits and systems that will get you closer to the vision you have for your business, we absolutely can’t do our job well.


We strive to be professional in how we speak and act. We will not take our frustrations out on you. We ask that you do the same.


Think, speak, and act like you plan to have a long, healthy relationship with us. Let us know when you aren’t feeling the value we add, when you are frustrated or overwhelmed, or when anything else comes up that affects our relationship.


Brighter Light has your best interest in mind in regards to compliance and takes that responsibility very seriously. That said, you must accept accountability for your business and understand that its liabilities are yours. In other words, we will advise you on the best choices, but we can’t save you from the poor ones you choose to make.

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Brighter Light Business & Bookkeeping Services

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New Businesses

Often times, a new business-owner is already overwhelmed before they decide to bring in help. You might think you can’t afford a bookkeeper from the start, but the truth is that starting without professional advice often ends up costing more in cleaning up your books, tax prep fees, and stress headaches..

We can offer your fledgling business advice at a price you can afford to pay until you are ready for full bookkeeping service. Let us set up your software and Chart of Accounts and teach you the basics to make monthly tasks and tax time easier and less expensive.

Need a guide through the very earliest steps of forming your business? We are here to help, from Articles of Incorporation to wondering “Do I need a Business Identification Number?” No question is too small.

And don’t even think about negotiating your lease without a call to us! We have years of experience in commercial leasing on the landlord side and can help you get the right deal.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Initial Consultations are always free!