New Businesses

Often times, a new business-owner is already overwhelmed before they decide to bring in help. You might think you can’t afford a bookkeeper from the start, but the truth is that starting without professional advice often ends up costing more in cleaning up your books, tax prep fees, and stress headaches..

We can offer your fledgling business advice at a price you can afford to pay until you are ready for full bookkeeping service. Let us set up your software and Chart of Accounts and teach you the basics to make monthly tasks and tax time easier and less expensive.

Need a guide through the very earliest steps of forming your business? We are here to help, from Articles of Incorporation to wondering “Do I need a Business Identification Number?” No question is too small.

And don’t even think about negotiating your lease without a call to us! We have years of experience in commercial leasing on the landlord side and can help you get the right deal.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Initial Consultations are always free!